CamelBak’s hydration backpacks for 2010

It doesn’t matter if you are having a session with your buddies at your local dirt jump spot, taking downhill runs back to back in the bike park or heading out for a freeride tour: you don’t want to get dehydrated. CamelBak’s All-Mountain Freeride hydration backpacks for 2010 ensure a good ride: carry your water, tools and gadgets while keeping your style fresh! Norwegian freerider Trond Hansen joins the CamelBak team for 2010.


What do you need to have a good ride on your bike? The essential stuff like basic tools, a spare tube, a pump, sunglasses or goggles, helmet and pads, your phone and I-pod. A small snack and enough water are also a must. That’s it, no big deal, you can carry all of it in any bag. But it’s the combination of functional features, riding comfort and an edgy design that make the difference for a state of the art freeride hydration pack. With CamelBak’s 2010 AMF models – The Don™, The Capo™ and Consigliere™ – you can choose the size that perfectly fits the needs of your ride: from 7.8 liters cargo volume to 17.5 liters.


All three of these keep your gear organized with accessible pockets, a fleece-lined glasses or goggle compartment, an easy access stash pocket, a hidden window for a lift pass, and external armor straps to hold your pads and helmet. The integrated water reservoir, with 100 oz. (3 liters) in The Don and The Capo, and 70 oz. (2 liters) in the Consigliere, gives you the hydration you need at any time. The optional CamelBak Flow Meter allows you to see and track exactly how much water is left in your reservoir.

CamelBak has taken its 20 years of hydration leadership and developed high quality All-Mountain Freeride packs that offer a wide variety of colors and designs. Whether you are on a downhill descent or cruising through the village, these packs are sure to turn heads.


“The development process of our All-Mountain Freeride packs, from basic concepts to small features and special designs, is done in conjunction with our athletes. These guys know exactly what they need and help us to keep progressing with pack designs,” said Massimo Fregonese, Director of International Sales and Marketing for CamelBak. “We are also happy to welcome our new European team rider: Trond Hansen from Norway. We are looking forward to working such a great and experienced mountain bike athlete that represents the freeride attitude. It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking of dirt doubles, never ridden lines in the backcountry or really big hitters, Trond is the man to have fun in all aspects of riding.”

Watch out for the CamelBak All-Mountain Freeride packs hitting your local shop soon. Keep your eyes peeled for the White Style slopestyle comp in Leogang on January 29th, which is supported by CamelBak for the second year in a row.

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