CamelBak Spot On Video Contest

All freeride rookies have still two weeks left until July 7th to send their latest riding video link to to apply for the CamelBak Spot On Video Contest. The 75 best riders get a backpack of the All Mountain Freeride series for free.

The only thing you have to do then is shred your spot and get it banned on tape. The video judging board consists of CamelBak team rider Trond Hansen and editors of well known European freeride magazines. This board will determine the winner of the CamelBak Spot On Video Contest, who will receive a CamelBak sponsorship contract. Take your chance and become the new member of the European CamelBak freeride team.

The CamelBak Spot On Video Contest promises the winner a one-year sponsorship deal of 2,000 Euros with CamelBak starting September 2010. All you have to do is capture your skills on your favourite spot. The judges around Trond will have a look on your Spot On clip.

Long term editors of three well known European mountain bike and freeride magazines got the knowledge and experience to judge your clip: Andrew Dodd from Mountain Biking UK, Dimitri Lehner from the German FREERIDE magazine, as well as Mathieu Ros from BigBike France.

Mathieu points out: “I see this contest as a true opportunity for young and talented riders to win a sponsorship, and to make their skills known to a larger audience. Even the 75th will get one of those cool CamelBaks and will get even more motivated in riding and filming. What’s good for the young riders is good for the sport!

Trond, who is the only European rider, who is under contract with CamelBak right now, knows about the potential of all the young riders out there: “I am looking forward to see all the videos from the Spot On Contest. Just looking at youtube, vimeo or these days shows that there are lots of good kids around Europe. So I’m stoked to see the level and styles from all the videos!

You want a CamelBak for free and or even a 2,000 Euros sponsoring deal? Here you go, the contest is split in two rounds:

First round: send the latest video of you showing your unique style to until July 7th, 2010. The 75 riders with the most impressive video and skills receive a brand new backpack out of CamelBak’s 2010 All Mountain Freeride series.

Second round: Take the mission and shoot your very own Spot On Contest video clip. Go out and capture your personal ride with the new backpack on your favourite spot. It doesn’t matter if you are shredding the local bike park or forest, pulling manuals and street tricks on your way to the spot or hitting the dirt line.

A CamelBak jury including the European team rider Trond Hansen will judge your final video with the following criteria:
– your riding style, skills and tricks
– the combination of action, fun and flow
– the visual arrangement of the two main video sections: The way to and the session on your favourite spot
– the creativity of including the CamelBak into your video while riding to the spot or having the session

Please send your final Spot On video clip until August 8th, 2010.

The ten best videos, including the winner’s clip, will be launched on August 18th, 2010. is worth a look then, for sure.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop us an email on:
Good Luck and have a great time on your bike!