CAPEnorth is the documentary of an unusual adventure.
Not the same old trip where you buy a ticket, show your passport and admire the panorama from a comfortable armchair, arriving at your destination on time.

This is a journey where the single kilometer is experienced and savored.Where you can be the master of your own time and space. Where you can choose to speed up or slow down, to stay or to go.


A journey of about 10,000 miles round trip, not on board a classic motorbike ora comfortable camper, but aboard a legendary Piaggio Ape, that all of us atleast once in life saw going in the streets of the country, with its unmistakable hum.
Starting from Aosta, cutting vertically Europe through North Italy, Germany,Denmark, Sweden and Norway up to the destination: Cape North, the roof of Europe.
This is the adventure of two boys: Henry Favre and Ludovico Botalla not new to routes more or less daring, always on board unusual vehicles such as the Aosta- Rome in scooter and the trip to Barcelona on saddle of a Piaggio Ciao for about 3,000 kilometers.

Two inveterate travelers, voracious explorers of the world that do not withstand the call of adventure and excitement, accepting what the road provides, for better or for worse, moved by the passion for discovery.

Only those who have experienced that sense of fear and pleasure in being alone and far from home can tell that sense of absolute freedom of being elsewhere.

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