Case study: the elevator confinement syndrome

In early august, Behind Magazine crew led an extremely important experiment about the consequences of an elevator confinement experience. The setup was a 10 stories condo, equipped with a really old elevator. We firstly searched for all the main factors that could help the syndrome synthoms to come out. We found, after a detailed research, that a quite small space, filled with people preferably of the same sex and with a temperature of 35 celsius degrees – not less – , definitely helps.

The experiment started at about 6 pm on thursday august 3; the subject used for the experiment were ourselves; we consciously pushed the floor button, and once reached the destination, the elevator stopped and the doors didn’t worked: the phase 1 was done.

After a waiting period of  about 30 minutes in those conditions, we’ve been freed and started escaping real quick. We immediately ran away from the detention place in the desperate search of a place to clean our hands but mostly our souls.

The first phisical symptom was a sense of loss followed by headache.  Howerer the first symptoms disappeared after the second tranche of phenomenon started to manifestate: a strong sense of joy and natural inebriation.

Later, we started talking nonsense and feel heavily thirsted. In this occasion we found also the only antidote that can easily recover the subjects from the syndrome: it is called CAMPANA.

In a classic havana ruhm medium glass you put two ice cubes, then fill half of CAMPARI BITTER (a premium quality Italian liquor) and the other half with quality WHITE WINE, no matter which.  Shake and drink quickly in a quantity of minimum two glasses.