Catching up with Emil Johansson

Emil Johansson’s pro MTB career will hit its one year mark in less than 2 weeks at 26TRIX. Being the youngest rider at top level of the FMB scene, he has skyrocketed himself up and has become a name on everyone’s mind in the world of mountain biking. Last weekend marked Emil´s first FMB win in the pro scene at FISE Montpellier, so rasoulution caught up with the young Swede, to see where his head is at and how he feels about his first win.

Congratulations on your first big win Emil, what are your emotions regarding FISE Montpellier?

Coming into the season, I got a new bike and I didn’t know how it would work for me with a full suspension. Proving to myself, that I´m able to win, helps me to believe in myself. It´s a relief to see that my work paid off, that I know what works and what I´m doing. I didn´t have any expectations for the competition, since I didn´t know how the course was going to be. As soon as I got there, it was a lot of fun and the course was running good. I didn’t think of winning, I just did my run and had fun with it.

How did you celebrate your win?

My celebration doesn´t probably show so much from the outside, but on the inside, I just felt super happy about my accomplishment and how far I have gone with my development.

What´s your exercise routine?

The bike school I go to, has a strong gym program. We do a lot of bench presses, weight training and body weight training. And for example, yesterday we played football on our bikes. It was super fun but really tough at the same time – you get so tired after a short while, as you bounce around and you need to skid with your backwheel in order to hit the ball.

You recently landed a world first doubletruck to downside whip, but didn´t communicate this until a few weeks after. Why so?

There are a lot of tricks I have landed, but I don´t want to show them off too much. If I´m the only person who knows I´ve landed a trick, then I don´t have the pressure at competitions to showcase them, if I feel it won’t fit the course. I practice and try to execute my tricks, and bring them into competitions when I feel it fits. Not showcasing the new tricks right away, takes the pressure off and lets me drop in with a clear mind.

How are you prepping for your next competition, 26TRIX at Leogang, June 10. Do you feel different now that you have won?

I haven´t planned my run yet because I don´t set up goals for my runs before I ride the actual course. Otherwise you focus on hitting a trick and lose focus of the big picture. I want to test the course first and then see how the flow is. 26TRIX will be fun, I think the track works for me. Also, my parents will come to see me competing live for the first time outside of Sweden.

How have your parents reacted to your quick rise in the pro MTB scene?

Ever since I was 8 years old, I always dreamt about riding bikes and travelling the world, and my parents fully support me in this. 2 years ago, when I moved to Falun to start the bike school, it slowly dawned on them, that I´m doing this as a profession. After I became 5th at last year’s 26TRIX, my mum saw that I was actually getting somewhere. My parents are always super excited for me and they support me a lot.

Good luck for the rest of the season Emil. We look forward seeing your run on June 10 at 26TRIX.

Emil´s preliminary event schedule for the rest of the season is as follows:

June 8-11 – 26TRIX Leogang (AUT)
(FMB World Tour Gold Event)
June 14-18 – Crankworx Les Gets (FRA)
(FMB World Tour Diamond Event)
June 21-25 – Crankworx Innsbruck (AUT)
(FMB World Tour Diamond Event)
July 6-9 – GlemmRide (AUT)
(FMB World Tour Gold Event)
August 11-20 – Red Bull Joyride @ Crankworx Whistler (CAN)
(FMB World Tour Diamond Event)
September 1-2 – Red Bull District Ride (GER)
(FMB World Tour Diamond Event)

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