Catching up with Fabio Wibmer

Street trials, downhill or enduro bike – give the Austrian a set of handlebars, and he’s got it. With his viral videos, crazy stunts and success in the competitions, Fabio Wibmer has become a household-name in the bike scene. Now he’s stepped up his game even more, riding with a Red Bull helmet and recently partnering up with Saalbach Hinterglemm.

Fabio Wibmer

If you can recap your whole career in one sentence, what would it be?

Fabio: The best time I’ve ever had.

Let’s talk about Saalbach-Hinterglemm, what does that place mean to you?

Fabio: Saalbach-Hinterglemm has an amazing landscape and what they offer to skiers and mountain bikers is just awesome. Riding your bike there is like riding in heaven. It doesn’t matter if you want to ride fast downhill tracks or maybe just some flowy trails. Their range is amazing. I’m super proud and excited to be a testimonial for such a dedicated and enthusiastic region.

Fabio Wibmer

You´ve filmed a few projects there lately, can you tell us more about what you´ve been up to there?

Fabio: My first project in Saalbach-Hinterglemm was “Out Of Mind” last year where I was riding the Pro Line, Z Line and X Line on an old granny bike.

I was recently filming a new episode for my Sick Series with my friend Elias Schwärzler which is one of the best we’ve ever produced. Game of BIKE (downhill edition) on the Pro Line was the result. I was also part of a photo story with Tibor Simai and photographer Nathan Hughes. Riding trails in the sunrise of Saalbach, a flip on the Pro Line and Trial action in the heart of Saalbach-Hinterglemm are just a few things which we were shooting.

Fabio Wibmer

You switch between trials and downhill, which one out of the two is closer to your heart? You also have some history with Motocross, anything we can expect from Moto Trials in the future?

Fabio: I really love to ride downhill and my ‘big’ mountain bike but my biggest passion is definitely trials. It doesn’t matter where you are you can always find something to do on your trials bike. I was racing motocross for about 12 years when I was younger. I still really like motocross but it’s hard to find the time to get back on a motocross bike. I haven’t planned anything on moto trials yet. Maybe when I’m older and out of breath.

Fabio Wibmer

Does it feel any different, now that you´re riding for Red Bull?

Fabio: It’s definitely an honour to ride with a red bull helmet on my head. When I was a kid I always dreamed of becoming a red bull athlete. It’s a great opportunity to develop myself and to realize some of my crazy ideas. But I’m not going to change anything just because I’m riding for them.

What´s next? Any big dreams you still feel you haven´t completed?

Fabio: There are always new and crazy ideas floating in my head. If you want to be up to date about my projects, you can do that on my Instagram or YouTube.

Fabio Wibmer

You´ve made a brand out of Sick Series, where did the idea come from and are you expanding the SICK empire?

Fabio: I always wanted to show more “behind the scenes content” of my riding and my life. I started thinking about how I can produce more personal content which people will still like and don’t get bored of. So, I had the idea to make a video series with my friend Elias Schwärzler who is a super gnarly but also very talented guy. We worked on several ideas and tried to start the project. People were really into it from the beginning and the feedback was amazing. It’s great to see that the fan base is still growing and more and more people are watching the episodes. As for now, we’re not really planning to expand the Sick Series empire, but we’ve got our own online shop and we’re now looking for some cool brand ambassadors.

If you´d be a journalist, what would be the question you ask from yourself?

Fabio: Haha, probably how much work is it to produce your videos on a weekly base?

Fabio Wibmer

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year, any big surprises coming up?

Fabio: I’ve got some very cool things planned for this year. All I can say is, “It’s going to be awesome”.

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