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  • Knog Launch Limited Edition Apparel

    Knog are excited to announce our “dipping of the toe” in the apparel water with a limited edition range: Knog x Leave Pass.

  • The unfinished crossing – The film

    The Photographer and Director Julien Boulanger (BEREFLEX) today offers us a wonderful back to the future with his film “The unfinished crossing”.

  • Red Bull Mini Drome Rare Figure 8

    Rarely-seen figure 8 indoor track determines who’s fastest at fixed gear cycling competition.

  • Born to Ride 2014

    Joined culmination of a series of CHILKOOT adventure named TRAVELS with a Fixie , The event « The French Alps with fixed gear » was born from pioneers.

  • Long Live Dawn

    I used to hate this island. I hated every single day of my youth spent over here. I escaped as much as I could, I had this feeling deep inside of me which pushed me miles away from where I was supposed to belong.

  • Iride Teaser Redhook1_

    Check out the amazing new video project by Iride Fixed Modena and Sowhatstudio.

  • Knog, No Ordinary Night

    It’s pitch black and the voices in your head become silenced. It’s just you, your machine and the road. Pushing, transfixed by the light, your legs begin to float.