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  • Red Bull Illume is coming to Berlin for the first time

    The winning images of the previous Red Bull Illume Image Quest are to go on display at BERLIN PHOTO WEEK from September 2 to 4, 2022. The imaging festival is for everyone who loves photography and therefore is the perfect venue to host this one-of-a-kind exhibition.

  • Red Bull Illume announces new indoor exhibit tour for 2018

    Red Bull Illume announces new indoor exhibit tour for 2018. The world’s greatest adventure and action sports photography is coming through Europe.

  • Marc Gasch

    Shoot. Fail. Repeat. Succeed

    Snowboarding beats office life, right? That’s what Marc Gasch thought as well, making a quite drastic change from life as a lawyer to becoming adventure and action sports photographer, starting out with an analog reflex camera back in 1998 with a little help from his snowboarding friends.

  • Behind the Shot: Second Story Drops

    Red Bull Illume’s photographer Jonathan Mehring teamed up with legendary skater Aaron “Jaws” Homoki on this one while on the road in Boise, Idaho. And the story is a classic; skater and photographer team up, look for a spot, hit the spot, walk away with a banger. Read the story behind this steezy shot below!…

  • Jaakko Posti

    Jaakko Posti: What’s in the Bag

    Mixing emotion and feeling together with elements from travel, sports, documentary, nature and landscape photography, Finnish photographer Jaakko Posti creates some next-level adventure and action sports photos.

  • Red Bull Illume Exhibit Tour

    Red Bull Illume visits home!

    Following stops in Chicago and Toronto, the Red Bull Illume Exhibit Tour is coming home for the month of September.

  • The Alchemists

    Blake Jorgenson on photography and creativity in a changing digital world

  • Craig Coker: What’s in the Bag?

    Never one to shy away from trying out new technology, action sports photographer Craig Coker tries to put a unique twist on his images by adding drones into the mix

  • Toronto Brought to light

    Union Station in Toronto is set to play host to the fourth edition of Red Bull Illume from March 31 – April 9 2017.

  • Killer shots

    During the making of one image he wanted to kill the photographer. In another he was worried about killing himself.

  • Alex Luise #WERIDEFOR 2016

    Alex Luise is a professional photographer based in italy and specialized on action and commercial photography.

  • Fanning’s Northern Lights

    Australian surfer rides Arctic waves in Norway underneath the Aurora Borealis.

  • Red Bull Illume Behind the Shot: Catching up with Renan Faccini

    Renan Faccini is the bodyboarder with his arms aloft in Luke Shadbolt’s Energy category winning shot of Red Bull Illume 2016.

  • Attraper Au Vol

    Attraper Au Vol (Catch in the Air) is the photographic life’s work of one of the most respected skate film makers and photographers in the world, French artist Fred Mortagne, or better known as French Fred.

  • Red Bull Illume 2016 Photobook

    Showcasing the finalists of the 2016 Red Bull Illume competition, there are only 5,000 copies of this limited edition collectable book, each individually numbered.

  • Red Bull Illume, and the winners are…

    From 34,624 submissions, 53 judges chose the following 11 images as the best action and adventure sports photographs the world has seen.

  • How Jeremiah Watt gets those epic climbing shots

    You’ve got to have a head for heights and a willingness to suffer to shoot climbing photography – and don’t forget some skills on the rock.

  • Red Bull Illume Semifinalists

    The wait is over for the 5.645 photographers from 120 countries around the world who entered Red Bull Illume, the world’s greatest action and adventure sports photography contest.

  • The Athlete’s Perspective: Cody Townsend

    No one appreciates the work of action sports photographers more than the athletes.

  • In search of the Desert Diamond

    Kevin Metallier and his crew find hidden skating gems in a place you’d never expect – the vast desert and tiny towns of Namibia.

  • Rutger Pauw and Ben Lewis light up Liverpool

    In May, Red Bull Illume partner broncolor introduced a range of new mobile monolights – the Siros L. Not one to sit around, Rutger Pauw grabbed BMXer Ben Lewis and set out to test the Siros 800 L Outdoor Kit.

  • Red Bull Illume latest: The sneak peek continues!

    Entries to Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2016 reached a record-breaking level, and the quality of submissions completely blew the judges away.

  • in my eyes.

    In My Eyes is born from screen fatigue and the recovery of the senses.

  • 10 Tips to take amazing Underwater Photos

    Alex Mustard has been taking underwater photos since he was nine years old and began diving when he was 13.