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  • Knog 2016 new lights tested

    Some weeks ago we got from Knog brand new lights models to test. We won’t lie to you if we say that we’ve always been keen on the Blinder models (the Blinder Road 3 wins the title of best bike light ever), so we looked forward to have new models to mount and test on…

  • Knog Milkman Combo

    Knog recently upgraded their Milkman cable lock. The new Milkman Combo is a Combination Lock with 10,000 possible combinations.

  • Knog enter the action with the [QUDOS]

    Knog is well known for its fantastic lights matching every biker’s taste. But as the world is not enough for them, its designers came to launch a brand new product: it’s a light expressly created to make your night rides videos perfectly lighted, to be mounted on GoPro or to any action cam compatible with…

  • Knog 2014 lights, thumbs up!

    After testing them in the cold european winter, here we are, ready to present their pros.

  • Knog Blinder 1, hands on!

    It pumps out 20 lumens of white light through a high powered single LED, but who cares?.. it’s only 15 grams!!

  • Knog Blinder 4v hands on

    Here the Blinder 4v, the new rear light by Knog, a bright rear led light with 44 lumens of red power visible from over 800 metres.

  • Knog gloves and locks

    Knog introduces its gloves F… Off in Goatskin Leather. Not everybody love gloves, many don’t even use them in Downhill. But if you are among those who appreciate the leather touch

  • Knog Blinder hands on

    Knog presents its greater news for 2012: Blinder, a brand new light, totally different from the silicon-cased models. On sale in a very few, a lucky kiss let us test it on field in the last few weeks.

  • Knog Blinder, Locks and Gloves

    Some Knog products from the 2012 range.

  • Booom, Knog Boomer hands on

    Kissed by fortune, lately we had some new Knog products to test. What better than winter cold and dark for using the new Boomer lights?

  • Knog Boomer hands on

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