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    Blue Rise is an ode to life, nature, freedom and women. Blue Rise is a new surf short film directed by Tristan Helias & Marin Troude

  • Broken Dreams – Sebastien Zanella

    A journey with Desillusion creator, Sebastien Zanella. A film by Gabriel Novis.

  • Andy Warhol x Billabong

    Warhol once said: “I came out of the womb on a surfboard”

  • Sable Noir

    Directed by Sebastien Zanella, Sable Noir takes inspiration from Jack Freestone’s ups & downs and the impulses felt during his first year on the World Surf League.

  • Let The Good Times Roll

    Spring/Summer in the Southern Hemisphere… the best time of year! Daylight hours get longer, water temp starts rising.

  • You only tell the truth in the dark

    You only tell the truth in the dark” is an inspirational short movie directed by Sebastien Zanella illustrating a vision of surfing rarely seen

  • ROXY & Courregès

    When two iconic brands with a love for breaking the rules come together… magic happens

  • Radical Times in South Africa

    A land of diversity. Mountainous coastlines vs drought-ridden desert.

  • Paris Surf & Skateboard Film Festival

    The Paris Surf & Skateboard Film Festival (PSSFF) is the first festival for films inspired by surfing and skateboarding in France. From the 22nd to the 25th of September, it will, in partnership with the mk2 theaters, showcase an international selection of independent productions, all having a cinematographic appeal. Gathering unreleased films screenings with an…

  • Stranavigli 2016

    In June returns the craziest event of Milan. Three days where the “Darsena ” will be turned into the city beach.

  • Lunar

    ONDE NOSTRE in collaboration with SEEA present Leah Dawson sliding, singing and performing in LUNAR.

  • The Sound Of Change Experience

    This is a Rhythm surf documentary brought together by likeminded folk to blend surf, art, music, travel & craftsmanship through various chapters, into one total experience.

  • ON presents DEEP ISLANDS

    Deep into nature full of lush green and turquoise waters “DEEP ISLANDS” is a short film by Onde Nostre

  • No Dreams, Just Goals – Frederico Morais

    Talented, for sure, Frederico, is also totally dedicated to surfing, spending countless hours in the water.

  • The Sound Of Change Experience

    A Rhythm film brought together by likeminded folk to blend surf, art & music, through various chapters, into one total experience.

  • The Genius of the Crowd – Chippa Wilson

    In these troubled times nothing is more scary than the crowd. American poet Charles Bukowski wrote a famous poem about it called “the genius of the crowd” .

  • Three Stones From the Sun – Dave Rastovich

    Known for his flawless approach to surfing, Rasta also opened up about his outlook on professional surfing

  • Indigenous Surf Art

    Zachary Bennett-Brook combines the passion for surfing and his Indigenous heritage.

  • Teenage Dream – Kyuss King

    Raised in a small paradise in Byron Bay, Australia. Kyuss King is unlike any other teenager. At just 14 he is one of the most promising surfers of his generation.

  • Feeling Strange Again – Noa Deane

    At barely 21 he’s already become one of the best surfers in the world.

  • Surfing a tidal bore with Anne-Flore Marxer

    The last full moon was red and beautiful, it was powerful and we were all moved by it..

  • Soleil Noir

    Desillusion Magazine proudly presents an exclusive collaboration with The Critical Slide Society.

  • Red Bull Unleashed

    It was the world-first “Wavegarden” surfing contest and welcomed some of the most progressive surfers in the world who came to Surf Snowdonia to compete at the best man-made surfing lagoon ever built.

  • Drone Surf Footage from LUEX

    Bingin the corner on the reef under the Bukit cliffs that produces some of the most aesthetically beautiful waves in Bali.