Cha Dang

Cha Dang is a short movie made at Camp of Champions in Whistler filmed and edited by Johannes Brenning from Helgasons.

Here the movie splitted in three parts.




Here are some quotes from other filmmakers (and a suit) who have seen the movie.

Pierre Wikberg – DC MTN LAB, Lame, After Bang and more.
“It´s like an Alaska movie, but not really, pretty much though.”
“Fs 7 taipan in the pipe was sweet, haven´t seen one of those since Johannes mom was out raging on the town.”
“Devun and Iikka have one of the best bromance clips to date, but the music wasn´t cheesy enough.”
“Other than that it was like some b-footage a team manager shot 8 or so years ago, edited by some LA dude, only lamer.”

Viktor Skogqvist – Pirate Movie Productions
“Give me back my 17 minutes”

Eddie Grams – Varietypack, Video Grass
“I’ve never laughed this much from snowboard movie.. pure entertainment”

Hayden Edward Rensch – Video Grass
“Its been a while since I’ve seen a film with this much Genius”
“I had really high expectations for this film… It didn’t meet any of them”

Per-Hampus Stålhandske – Mr Ponytale &
“I hope Robert found eternal happiness”

Kristoffer Hansson – .INC Action Sports Management
“First time I met Lord Johannes Brenning I could smell a million bucks from a distance.
After seeing the Cha Dang intro I smell a million bucks lawsuit coming our way”

Peturd Foshaug – Factor Films
“The only thing that could make this lamer is if Shaun White was in it”