China Nike 6.0 nitght rail session

While the majority of China’s population has been captivated by the recent Winter Olympics and introduced to a certain U-shaped type of snowboard competition, China’s core riders have instead been enjoying some good old-fashioned laid back shredding at the NIKE 6.0 Nightrail Session – held this past Saturday in Beijing, China.

As riders sessioned the brightly lit three-feature jib setup throughout the night, spectators were spoon-fed a good time as free beer, hot drinks & numerous giveaways were thrown out to all! While some serious tricks were being thrown down, it was still pleasing to see that these guys were just having a blast ridding together, rather than taking the sport too seriously – defining what snowboarding is all about!


After the one-hour jam session was over, a body-shaking live performance by MC Webber kept the crowd pumped as the prize giving ceremonies were completed. Taking home Best Rider Overall was none other than OG China shredder Wang Lei. Wang Lei kept the crowd amped with a front flip onto the box, a bs180 over it, and just generally dominating anything he hit. Best Trick Overall went to rail-ninja Xfox, his perseverance coming through as he stomped the bs180 on, switch bs180 off on the downrail he’d been trying to land throughout the night!


– Best Rider Overall – Wang Lei
– Best Trick Overall – Xfox (bs180, switch bs180 off downrail)
– Best Trick per obstacle
Flat down – Zhang Wei
Down box – A Qian
Downrail – Xiao Hu
– Best Team – TOP Boardshop: Xiao Guo, Xfox, Zhang Wei, Xiao Hu
– Most stylish rider – Lao Wang
– Best combo – Andrew (fs board to bs board w/ 270 out on downrail!!!)
– Best spin-on – Li Xianyi (360 on)
– Most endurance – Xin Di
– Most improved – Liu Li
– Youngest rider – Guillaume (16)
– Oldest rider – Tommy (40 & killing it!)