Chronology is a 176 page timeless photo journey through the 2009 UCI World Cup mountain bike racing season. Gary Perkin and Sven Martin, two of mountain biking’s most prolific and respected photographers capture the moments of anguish, action and triumph as the World Cup circuit travels the globe.

You will be pulled into each cross country, four cross and downhill World Cup event of 2009. The images of Sven and Gary go hand-in-hand with the stories written by the World Cup series winners themselves to capture each World Cup round, while newly crowned downhill World Champion, Steve Peat, shares some personal words conveying his emotion of winning the pinnacle World Championship event in Canberra, Australia.

This hardcover coffee table book contains many exclusive, unseen photographs saved for those with an affinity for mountain biking, racing and an appreciation for the photographic art. 2009 will go down in history as the most exciting racing season the sport has ever seen and Chronology aims to capture all the action from the season opener in Africa to the nail-biting finals in Austria with all points in between in a mix of full color and black and white, large format glory.