Cinelli, what’s new for 2010

Cinelli, a company with such a rich history, the first cycling company to collaborate with artists and still pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in these relationships, with Barry McGee, with RVCA and with Mike Giant, is an unparalleled cultural and technological position to ride with these great students of the art of cycling.

Again this year Cinelli is present at a new era for cycling. Where there is movement there is Cinelli. Cycling continues to change, always. What part of the bicycle do we care about most? The centre of attention moves. The bicycle is a beautiful mutant always transforming itself and we are, and have always, chased new emotions; that’s how we like it; more room to break out.

MASH, a pioneering group of San Francisco cyclists (and designers and film-makers) decide to ride the Tour of California on their Cinelli track bikes, maybe they want to improve their ‘pedalata’, maybe they want to know how to fall in love while on a bicycle, maybe they want to know how to be truly alone, body sagging, after God knows how many kilometres.

Mash frame

Mash is a group of riders, messengers, designers and photographers born some years ago among the fixed gear heads of San Francisco. Their first short eponymous short film pioneered a new aggressive urban cycling culture.


A year in the making, this frame, a collaboration between Mash riders and our designers, has just got meaner and meaner: “you may never blink again” is how they chose to describe it. We believe this to be the most advanced fixed-gear specific frame on the market.

Vigorelli frame

Cinelli’s flaghship track frame, seen on velodromes across the globe and almost a cult classic by now. Perfect for high-level competition this frame has been designed, simply, to transmit all the rider’s power to the ground:
• Aggressively over-sized rear stays with rectangular sections for best rigidity.
• New Columbus straight-blade track fork (35 mm rake) to significantly improve control.
• New cleaner paint job, a smaller logo on the down tube and surprise on the bottom bracket shell.

Gazzetta Frame


Cinelli’s new minimal, eye-catching steel track frame:
• The micro-welded TIG junction and solid Columbus cromoly tubes make this frame strong and reliable in every condition.
• Classic track construction in all the details: round seat stays and real track geometry.
• Unique to its market the Gazzetta is equipped with a traditional MTB style segmented fork (but with track correct 32 mm rake) which we believe has absolutely the best technical qualities for the demands of fast and ambitious urban and amateur track cycling.


• The look: minimal, but not simply retro, a wild selection of ‘neo-pop’ colours open this frame up to a myriad of art-tech customizations.

Mystic Rats bike


The origin of the species changes. The black rat removes its skin and underneath has always been dressed in a white smoking as the director of a swing orchestra. The rhythm is boogie and syncopated to ride on road and track (flip-flop rear hub).


Bull horn handlebar for grab, Unicanitor saddle. An apparition.


You can find these frames with the best Cinelli parts to Mud and Snow.
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