Clichè Keysyone Technology

Inspired by the ancient “chiave di volta” principle, also used in architecture since a very long time,  Clichè Keystone boards features “top ply” inserts on the deck.
Those carbon fiber inserts, put in the very critical points of the board, gave three important advantages:

– Discharge Harmonically the impacts on the whole board
– Increase the POP
– Lighten down the weigh

Other than the Keystone special technology, all the boards feature the same DSM Woodshop production peculiarity such as the single deck press and presunk truck holes.
Finally, Keystone boards are guaranteed till 45 days against the truck area cracking.

The first three promodel from Clichè featuring the Keystone technology are Andew Brophy, Luca Puig and Joey Brezinsky; Andrew is featured on a video where he shows the keystone benefits by olleing 87 boards with a mere flat ollie.