Collaboratory – Rodney Smith – Part 1

On this episode of The Collaboratory, Vans Syndicate teams up with east coast skateboard pioneer, Rodney Smith. Most known for starting up Shut Skateboards with Bruno Musso back in the 80’s and more recently Zoo York. Some of the original Shut crew describes Rodney and what he’s meant to so many people during the rise of east coast skateboarding. “Riggit, goodie, juicey, cakey”. Also, get a lesson in “Rodney speak”, so you yourself can communicate with him on the streets of lower east side Manhattan at the Shut store.


About The Collaboratory:
Vans has been collaborating with top notch artists, designers, musicians and beyond since day one. “The Collabaratory” gives you an inside perspective of the many talented individuals that are interwoven into the Vans collaboration process and what makes them so special.