COMMENCAL Go Direct in New Zealand

In 2013 COMMENCAL launches online sales in Europe and with it fewer middlemen, lower public prices and immediate success.

Then in 2015 they created a subsidiary in the USA including the opening of a warehouse in California, direct sales like in Europe, a showroom, prices in USD and also more immediate success.

2016: Opening of the subsidiary in Canada with the same pattern as in America. Here they have an office, a showroom and a warehouse in Squamish, BC.

COMMENCAL Go Direct in New Zealand

May 2017: Launch of COMMENCAL AUSTRALIA.

September 2017: COMMENCAL are pleased to announce the opening of COMMENCAL New Zealand.

What will change for the Kiwi rider?

• Prices identical to Europe and USA
• Prices in New Zealand dollars
• Specific customer service from Wanaka, NZ
• New Zealand stock updated in real time
• Import tax already paid! Prices are net
• Short delivery times
• Arrival of new products at the same time as in the US and Europe

Thanks to Blue-Shark, COMMENCAL New Zealand has a Brand Manager to listen to the New Zealand market together with a fast delivery service throughout the country, the possibility of collecting the bike in their showroom and an active after-sales service.

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