Commencal Meta Power

« I didn’t have any preconceptions about e-bikes before my first test, I was just very curious about them! Today I can say that I don’t really understand all the haters, they must not like to ride their bikes! Who will complain about doubling the amount of runs without spending any more energy? » – Léa G (COMMENCAL)

Since the beginning Commencal communicate on the true essence of a good mountain bike and its purpose. Almost 20 years later, they’re starting a new chapter, whilst keeping in mind what is important for the riders that we are: we love to ride.

That is how Commencal developed the “POWER” program.

Let’s enter the game!

The META POWER and the META HT POWER are not simple bikes designed around a motor, but a genuine META that integrate a compact, silent, powerful and lightweight system.

Battery: the intelligent integration.
Removing, replacing and recharging the battery off the bike are basic demands.
Creatively integrated into the frame, easy to disassemble, the SHIMANO battery currently gives the greatest range on the market (up to 100 km in “Eco” mode with 800m of positive elevation).

The META POWER and the META HT POWER use cranksets with a specific E-Mountain bike chainring
(the diameter optimises pedalling effectiveness, mud evacuation, suspension performance, gear ratio management and chain wear).

The META POWER and the META HT POWER spec Plus-size tires.
It’s the ideal choice for enhanced grip, traction and comfort!

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