Commencal Meta Trail 4.2 and Rob Warner

Who used to ride their mountain bikes for hours upon end without a care in the world? With a big group of friends, tearing around town, over fields, through woods, riding old and new paths, walkways or trails. Adventures, exploring, wilderness and nature. A mountain bike makes these things possible.

Nowadays, with the growing number of trail centres and MTB parks worldwide it makes sense to have one bike that can do it all. The new Commencal META Trail V4.2 has a little more travel, front and back with re-worked geometry to fit. It pedals as well as it descends and vice versa.


Many know Rob Warner from downhill mountain biking but over (many) years he has grown with the sport and seen how it has evolved. These days, if you have a passion for mountain biking it’s impossible not to enjoy this old-school sense of discovery and exploration with the new-school trail bikes and facilities which are so readily available. It’s all about fun and who better to represent that in the world of MTB?

With the launch of the new META Trail edition, Commencal welcome the new brand ambassador Rob Warner into the family!
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