Cowboys are back

Text and pics from Claudio Sasso

Like in any western film to date, it was a quiet and sunny february saturday when in Campo Felice SWUP snowpark 80 riders met to launch themself off kickers and press some steel.
The weekend started with a little brawl, a couple jumps, some slides, then someone began to abuse of the wall, then some others started to shoot bigger on the kicker and it was disaster.

For two days an infinite variety of tricks were thrown, fs boards, switch 50-50 sex changes, fs blunts and everything possible to fill the first day of contest, where modern pistoleros fight each other to the last trick on steel bars.

It was Fracesco Traverso from Hostile snowboards team to dominate the thing, with a beautiful (scarica) of fs 100 in to 100 out and front boards, reaching the higher step of the podium, followed by Andrea Andreoli and Matteo Valduga, rispectively 2nd and 3rd.

The sunday morning wasn’t as perfect as the saturday with the weather,but the gray sky didnt’ stopped the riders to challenge on the big kicker for the Oakley Wild Jumps title.
This time was Omar Fratini to take the money bag, with an ol’ faithful bs rodeo 5, lettin’ second Alessandro Bruno from Hostile snowboards with huge bs 5 cork stalefish and third again Francesco traverso, feelin’ confortable not only on rails.

But wild games wern’t only a contest thing, there was a test area with stands from Oakley, Nitro, DC, Hostile, Redbull, Libtech and Capita, and then there was some nice parties, too.

Wild Games railjam women
1 Roberta Crovi
2 Lisa Caserotti

Wild Games railjam freeski
1 Gianmarco Folignati
2 Eros Galante
3 Alessandro Padula

Wild Games railjam men
1 Francesco Traverso
2 Andrea Andreoli
3 Matteo Valduga

Oakley Wild Jump women
1 Lisa Caserotti
2 Roberta Crovi
3 Mariangela Giangiulio

Oakley Wild Jump freeski
1 Stefano Vueric
2 Gianmarco Folignati
3 Francesco Coccia

Oakley Wild Jump men
1 Omar Fratini
2 Alessandro Bruno
3 Francesco Traverso

Old style Ollie Contest
Andrea Andreoli