Dakine team updates

What are Dakine winter riders doing during summer time ?

Some of them visit the company office in Hossegor (France) to pick some stuff, have good time and surf a little bit, others are riding in New Zeland or South America, or even on europeans glaciers (some participated Kumi Yama event in France, Les 2 Alpes). And some are just chilling, enjoying summer and preparing the coming winter season.

Anyway, we asked them “what are you doing this summer“? Answers are below.

Elias Elhardt (snowboard)
“I’m riding few more days here in Les 2 Alpes before shooting intro of Pirate movie. Then I’m going to South America to film and shot all august. I’ve been invited to Freestyle.ch in september, so good things to come for the beginning of the season!”

David Livet (snow)
“Riding for Kumi Yama in Les 2 Alpes, and then working on a skydive center and jump, jump, jump !”

Xavier de la Rue (snowboard)
“for this summer, no big plans : just chilling, surfing and mountainbiking.
8-18 sept, I’m in California for sneak preview of Deeper and Standard Film.”

Julien Lopez (ski)
“chilling in south-west, surfing, and visiting you guys in your office ! Then a big ski/surf trip in SOuth meric (Argentina, Chili, Brazil)”

Sylvain Bourbousson (snowboard)
“Nothing planned for this summer… I have to get an operation of my eyes !”

Virginie Faivre (ski)
“I’m staying in Europe, trying new tricks on waterjump on Zürich and training in Saas-Fee’s halfpipe.
A lot of mountainbike too”

Romain Grojean (ski)
“Few weeks in Hossegor, a lot of golf at home in Les Arcs, mountain bike, maybe some ski in Les 2 Alpes”

Matthias Haunholder (ski)
“At the moment it´s training time and biking a lot. I´m one of freeride skiers in the team but I´m not going to south america this summer because I´ve to get in shape for the coming long, long winter season!”
I´ll do some bike races, water ramp sessions, … and will send you some media, PR and stuff for the newsletter if you need.

Roy Kittler (ski)
“I will be in Schnalstal/Val Senales for the week, skiing and enjoying summer!
After that I will go Skate and hit the Waterramps here in Innsbruck before going to a 1month surf trip to bali and maybe 2 more weeks in Hossegor!”

Aymeric Tonin (snow)
“Kumi Yama event with the japanese team (!), and coaching kigs for the Teisseire Kids week in Les 2 Alpes”

Alberto Schiavon (snow)
“I am up in 2alpes snowboarding a bit (and trying to walk on a balloon!), coaching kids and doing downhill. I ll stay sure 10 more days”

Queralt Castellet (snow)
“I’m gonna be in NZ all the summer, between snowpark, cardona and travelcone”

Anne Flore Marxer (snow)
“Chilling, chilling and chilling !”

Ane Enderud
“come to visit you at your office and pick up some stuff, and enjoy the ocean”

Javi Vega (ski)
“I have an event in Barcelona (Spain) until July 3. But on July 4, I come to les 2 alps until July 31”

Sarah Martinais
I’m in NZ for the moment, surfing and skiing. I have a film project with Julien Nadiras – barakafilms.com, more news about this later”