Danny MacAskill’s ‘Way Back Home’

In his new production, Danny turns his incredible riding style of trial bike, mountain bike and BMX-street from the urban streets of Edinburgh to a completely different landscape as he travels Way Back Home through the Scottish Highlands and craggy coastal descents all the way to his hometown of Dunvegan in the Isle of Skye.

Travelling with his close friend and filmmaker Dave Sowerby on a quest to seek out the most challenging riding spots along the way, Danny takes on ancient castles, leaps over rocky terrain and jumps onto and over bridges in the stunning wilderness of remote Scotland.

The journey culminates with a return to the stomping ground where Danny first cut his teeth riding in his hometown of Dunvegan – skipping past local B&Bs, jumping railings and even front flipping off a building as he finally arrives back home.


During a live Q&A session with fans Danny talked about some of the highlights making the film:

“My favourite spot in the riding clip is probably the bakery wall ride in my local village. I found it by walking out of the bakery with a big pasty! And then I saw the grass bank and the wall and thought I could maybe jump up there one day.

“One of the hardest tricks in the film was probably the front flip off Edinburgh Castle as it was blowing a force 10 hooly! It was also raining really heavily, if it wasn’t for that it would have been easy…!”

Intrigued to find out how he pulls off his daredevil tricks?? Check out all of Danny’s responses from the live Q&A session where he reveals just how he did it at www.redbull.co.uk/waybackhome.

Photos by Raasay Dsowerby, courtesy of rasolulution.