Danny MacAskill in New York Times

Danny MacAskill and his famous youtube video made it far, not only in the biking industry. After being interviewed on BBC, Sunday Times, and other mainstream media, Danny got his probably biggest newspaper publication: In today’s New York Times Danny got portrayed in the Global Sports section.

Read the article and get an idea about Danny’s life before and after the impact of capturing pure passion for bike riding with one single video which got spread throughout the worldwideweb. Great to see that Danny elevates the mountain bike sport in such a positive way!

If you can’t buy the print version of today’s New York Times, then just go online and check:

In the next days you should be able to read a similar article in the International Herald Tribune!

If you still haven’t seen his amazing video, you can also watch it in high quality on: www.watch26.tv/video/2628.

Photo by Mike Clark courtesy of Rasoulution