Danny MacAskill’s Yellow Memories

Have you ever seen Danny riding as a kid? Well, then take a “brake”, lean back and enjoy. To celebrate the launch of the new MAGURA MT7 Danny MacAskill Signature Brake and the long-time partnership between the two, Danny and MAGURA have created an intriguing clip, which shows Danny at the very beginning of his riding career. See what Danny has to say about those days and his first ever signature brake and take a look at “Wee Danny” in the clip “Yellow Memories”

Hi Danny, in the clip we can see some home footage of you practicing on the Isle of Skye. Who was responsible for cinematography back then and when was this produced?

This footage was done by my older brother when I was about 15 years old. Having a video camera in those days was kind of rare. I was lucky, that my parents gave me lots of freedom to build things around our house. There wasn’t much to ride in the village I grew up in, so I was building a lot. I always used to go to the local builders and get hold of pallets and cable reels to set up my own obstacle course.

You mentioned that your idols used to use the HS Raceline. Why was the brake so appealing to you back then?

MAGURA was always strong in trials. When reading mags and watching videos it was the fluorescent yellow that always made them stand out and catch your eye straight away. It was a dream part to have and having MAGURA brakes validated your bike to be a real trials bike. I saved up for my first pair of HS 33 Raceline. It was a must have piece of kit already back then.

Why are brakes so important for what you do and what makes a brake a good brake?

It is important to know that the modulation and power of the brakes is actually first and foremost designed for the fastest and deepest tracks in mountain biking. It just happens that they also have the power I need for trials. When riding trials you are very reliant on your brakes. Because you are constantly gapping walls or rails your body weight constantly rests on the edge. Trials always involves very fine brake work and that requires the brakes to have quite some finesse. That’s the amazing thing about the HC3 lever, because it allows you to adjust the power of the brake easily.

The MAGURA MT7 Danny MacAskill Signature Brake is a disc brake for trials riding and mountain biking. Find more information about the brake and your local dealer here: http://www.magura.com/en/components/bike/gravityseries/productdetailpage/?p=25519

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