Danny rock BIKE Festival Riva

The Danny MacAskill shows presented by “Livigno feel the alps” were definitively one of the highlights of the BIKE Festival Riva del Garda last weekend. Together with Tom Oehler and Hans “No Way” Rey, Danny’s demo shows were an absolute crowd puller during the big get-together at Lake Garda.

Lake Garda 2013_DMcAskill_By ADL-4361

Once again it was a BIKE Festival of the highest caliber: best weather conditions, good ambiance and a lot of visitors. Everywhere you looked there were well-known bike brands and celebrities from the two-wheeled world. Two of them, required no introduction: YouTube high-flyer Danny MacAskill took the stage for three demo shows presented by “Livigno feel the alps”. The commentary entertainment was provided by his friend and trials legend Hans Rey. Together they put on an unforgettable show.

Lake Garda 2013_DMcAskill_By ADL-4434

During the first show on Friday the former trials World Champion Tom Oehler, couldn’t resist riding with Danny. Together they showed-off some of the best tricks possible on a trials bike. MacAskill, Rey and Oehler all on one stage – needless to say the show was a festival highlight.

Lake Garda 2013_DMcAskill_By ADL-4399

On Friday afternoon and on Saturday, Danny had the course to himself and it actually seemed like he had even more fun as he jumped, spinned and hopped over obstacles without interruption. His choreography – which can be described as nothing less than perfection – dazed the crowd, leaving them in a trance for the duration of the performance. As part of the show, Danny challenged himself to a bunny hop contest. The result: Danny won, jumping as high as 1,25m (49 inches)!

Lake Garda 2013_DMcAskill_By ADL-4591

Afterwards, hundreds of fascinated visitors rushed to the signing session to get a Livigno poster with the original autograph from their heroes Danny MacAskill and Hans Rey. It’s not every day, fans have the chance to get so close to their bike-icons.

“I had a really good time here in Riva! I have to thank Livigno and the Alta Rezia region for giving me the chance to be part of the BIKE Festival. I am looking forward to hopefully coming back here next year and also to my next ride in Livigno”, Danny commented after his shows.

Lake Garda 2013_DMcAskill_By ADL-4848

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