Days of Thunder updates

ANTI Days of Thunder is the first of it’s kind in a new breed of mountain bike competitions featuring all aspects of gravity fed mountain biking; Downhill, Dirt and Slopestyle.
This competition features a different approach to the conventional competition format, and getting good photos and videos are prioritized over proclaiming a winner.

Five teams buildt with some of the best riders in Europe and North America will battle in four different events. The teams collect points from each event, and the team with the most points in the end of the week, is the winner.


From the official Video Blog:
Day one: Here’s the first day of riding in Hafjell for the Days Of Thunder 2009. All riders are arrived now.

Day two: America, Fuck Yeah!

Day three: This is the first session on the big Jumps at the top of the HAFJELL’s bikepark. Pretty amazing session actually when you see the size of the jumps….
Day four: Yesterday was the BAB DirtJump session.

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