DC Burning Ink in Berlin

July 7, 2011: Berlin During the fashion week, the DC Pop Up gallery at MAdeMyDay closure cerimony took place in the same time of three semi permanents shows: Asphalt Tales from Francisco Gaston, Highlights from DC Life “My Studio Collection” and incredible art show Burning Ink.

During the cerimony all the pieces created by the artists had been burned down and only who tatooed ’em on their skin saved a memory. Many VIPs came to the cerimony like famous MC Artoo, artists collective Funkfu from Czech Republic, Spoe from France Jeff from Berlino and the famous sneaker master Mark Ong aka SBTG from Singapore.

DC Burning Ink 2011 made its debut in New York last April to move later to Europe in Berlin in occasion of the Fashion Week.

The concept left literally all the present speechless: all the pieces shown in the exposition would be burned down at the end of the show, so the only way to save something on ’em was to tatoo ’em.  Burning Ink gathered some of the best names around such as SSUR, SBTG, Supakitch, Koralie, XGhetto, Scien, Dean, Klor (123Klan), Spoe, Chloe Trujillo and more others..