Defining perfection, part #2

What is perfection? Does perfection exist in an imperfect world?

If perfection is subjective, driving for 9 hours to Montpellier during the night under the rain is relax, getting muddy and wet waiting for the sun to dry the MTB course is a pleasant pastime, spending 4 days with a backpack full of cameras as heavy as hell on the shoulders is regenerating.


This year Montpellier and his guests were not so lucky, the rainy weather cancelled many parts of the competition, the athletes were sometimes obliged to race in damned conditions, the BMX dirt session begun but never ended, the Slopestyle riders often left from the sky but touched earth sliding down the kms long landing.

We want all the rest. We want perfection.

Camera: Lance & Fra
Edit: Lance
Music: Vanbot – Make Me, Break Me. Markus Lange – You Got the Body Baby (Mr. Wonk’s Dubstep Mask Mix)