DH World Cup #2 in Down Under

Those who travel to a World Cup race overseas don’t need telling about the costs and effort involved. As a consequence of this huge investment, the pressure is higher than ever, but so too the motivation to deliver.


Six SRSUNTOUR Downhill athletes made the enormous effort to get to the DH World Cup in down-under in Cairns:
Florent Payet (Voulvoul Racing)
Rudy Cabirou (Voulvoul Racing)
Benoit Coulanges (Dorval AM NICOLAI)
David Trummer (RRP)
Manuel Gruber (RRP)
Jasper Jauch (Liteville)


Manuel Gruber suffered a puncture on his qualifying run which unfortunately kept him out of the finals. Our five other riders happily all made it through. Florent Payet and Rudy Cabirou even qualified inside the top twenty.

Sadly, Lady Luck wasn’t playing along on finals day with crashes and mistakes meaning they weren’t quite able to hold their top twenty positions:

29th Florent Payet (Voulvoul Racing)
38th Rudy Cabirou (Voulvoul Racing)
34th Benoit Coulanges (Dorval AM NICOLAI)
Place 46 David Trummer (RRP)
Place 63 Jasper Jauch (Liteville)

In the overall standings Florent Payet remains in the „Protected“ zone with his 17th place. This means he is pre-set for the next World Cup in Fort William, in June.

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