Did Kevin helped Danny? Who knows..

I bet we’re the last website to publish the sad news about Kevin Pearce accident on dec 31, 2009, while training in SLC pipe for Olympic qualifying events in Mammoth Mountain, California. But we’re not into the you read it here first thing, so we’re doin’ it now. The sad thing is that Kevin is still in serious condition at Salt Lake City Hospital, but on the other hand doctors said they’ve been able to remove his breathing tube, and he is slowly regaining consciousness and able to follow commands.

Another good thing is that Kevin, who is one of the favourite contender of the flyin’ Tomato, helped his frend Danny Davis to to push hard and win the contest Kevin was training for when he got injured. Danny nailed three double spins in one run (a thing never seen before: Cab Double cork 1080, Frontside Double cork 1080 and Switch Backside Rodeo Double cork), gaining the victory and hopefully rising the chart to enter the Olympics..

If you wanna know all Kevin progress in his rehab, follow the nice facebook page his parents did for all his fans. Stay Strong Kev!