Disposable, The book

Hey young skater! You wanna know the roots of the sport you live for? Sean Cliver did something for you…

Sean Cliver, former artist for Powell Peralta, World Industries, Hook Ups and many more wrote like two years ago this opera about skateboard graphics but not only…It’s a retrospective behind the whole skate world from the early dogtown years to the last big boom of the new millenium.

Here some quotes from “celebrities” who read the book:

“This book is by far the best skate graphics book I have seen. It doesn’t just show the graphics, it let’s you get inside the artist’s head that made them. You get the behind the scenes version of how and why, with colorful stories and firsthand experiences.”

—Ed Templeton

“Skateboarding has always been much more than the progression of stunts performed on a skateboard. There is a whole creative mentality behind it all that has influenced our culture. Art being one of them. This book has the most complete look at skateboarding history through the art on decks and the artists behind it all.”

—Lance Mountain, pro skater and artist