Dj Fede & Skullcandy in Deep Funk Theory Vol 3

Italian producer Dj Fede and Skullcandy collaboration goes on with the fresh work Deep Funk Theory Vol 3 distributed worldwide.

The complitation includes 14 tracks, all ventunesimo secolo remixes, sliding through psycadelic and deep moods, all with a common key lecture.
Dj Fede is not only an Italian hip hop milestone, but also a badass acid jazz and deep funk dog, too.

Tireless producer, DJ Fede collaborates with famous funk classic collections such as Deep Funk Theory and Cosmic Jazz and make japan funkheads go nuts.
Deep Funk Theory Vol 3 includes Torino Violenta 2, bootleg track following the first Torino Violenta, but with a even frantic rythm: only for real funk lover.

Here’s a couple links where you can taste DJ Fede style:

Don’t forget to surt where free downloard tracks are avaible along with more juicy funk amenities.