Doors or What Premier

Our Man Cristian from Doors Snowparks alert us about the very first premier of their very first team video, Doors or What? in Milan, on december 3.

The video features the entire Doors team: Devid De Palma ,Marco morandi ,Tato Chiala, Federico jovanovic , Matteo Ferraris,Matteo Bougardt,Matteo Tuberosa,Tia Bonaguro ,Cristina Tuberosa and Alby Maiorano.

The video has been made by the skilled minds of Random Productions and will be distributed with the december issue of Sequence Mag.


Dj Reed, Dj Rash and B-Right will provide the right vibe after the showcase. See you at Sergent Pepper’s Cafe in Milan!

Sergent Pepper’s Cafe’ Via Vetere 9 – Porta Ticinese – Milano