Dummies Tricks-Defining

Common people describing (some) spots and tricks to riders.

The starting highest ramp from wich the rider gets fast = Roll-in/quarter
The cube with diago opposite ramps = Jump box.
The basin = Half pipe
The iron pipe on top of the basin = the copying
Two twin ramps with the iron pipe in the middle = Spine.
The rail = The rail ( at least this is simple to define! )
Jump = Drop.
Drop = Jump.
The wooden bridge among the trees = North shore.
the 2 soil piles to jump = Double.
The launching ramp before the pile to jump = Step up.
The half-moon wooden footbridge cut into several jumping pieces = wooden whops / pipes
The parallelepiped = the box.
The double legs flying kick = can can
The deadly turn= back flip.
The twisting = 360
The turned handlebar = x-up
The bike turning while the rider is stucked = tail whip.

A suggestion to figure out a dicussion between the common person and the rider: the words used above by the “common” are usually pointed up with wide ope eyes, unstoppable gestures, sometimes cold sweat ( if the person does want the rider to comprehend his descriptions ).

Now, figure out why common people and riders don’t get along so well, usually.