Easter White Miracle

Imagine you, heading to your secret spot, all want you’re searching for is a quiet spring shred to keep inside one last picture of winter.

The place is almost unknown, not one of those famous gathering spots where the last riding day is celebrated with the classic wild lodge party.

Once arrived, your journey seemed a time trip, ’cause you find a perfect mid winter scenario. Snow is heavily dumping, you feel that penetrating winter cold you almost forgot after christmas.

Your childrish desire to strap on your board and enjoy the miracle is so irresistible that all what you can do is tighten your boots and run to the slope.

You start trackin deep virgin powder, then you get old school slashin’ snow with timeless G-turns and finally give a chance to the abandoned snowpark, whose features seems medieval ruins hidden from a deep powder coat. Never ridden a powder covered snowpark? As the white miracle shows again, do it.