Eclipse By Scott H. Bourne

Eclipse: Dark Lines From The City Of Light” is the title of the second book of poems by Carhartt family-member Scott Hobbs Bourne!

Just like it’s predecessor “Cheating on the Metronome”, the 128 page book comes in a nice biblical dress, with a black artificial leather hardcover featuring gold embossed titles, a reflective gold finishing on the sides and a page-marker-ribbon.

The poems and drawings are printed on a natural nicotine-yellow paper and appear as they have been originally produced by Scott: First typed on his old Corona typewriter and then drawn upon.

The book is limited to a 1000 pieces worldwide and exclusively available over the Carhartt network and at the Spacejunk Gallery in France, where Scott is currently exhibiting 14 giant Baryt prints of his photographs that go with the content of the book:

The book as well as the photos, are fundamentally about the darkness of our time and how I have wanted there to be some light but there just hasn’t been any. It’s kind of about man unlocking the secrets of the universe and the more that he does, the less light that the gods have to give. All the light we are experiencing now is not from the sun but a synthetic sort of light produced by man. All the mystery has gone out of the world.

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