Electric Art Shade Expo

On june 10, 2010, Electric Visual presents Art Shade Expo at bastard store in Milan

Take three artist, give ’em an Electric shade to custom and see what happens: for the Italian edition the choice fell on  Olimpia Zagnoli, Scarful and Cento Canesio.

Olimpia Zagnoli born 1984 in Reggio Emilia.
She leave at early age Reggio to Milan. After a small amount of time he start to collaborate with USA magazines and flew to NY very often. He call clients magazines such as York Times, New Yorker, Corriere della Sera, Feltrinelli, Io Donna.

Alessandro Maida aka Scarful born 1968 is a Roman artist and designer.
After his artistic and then architecture studies, his interest focus on everything is graphic, illustration and lettering and start working as graphic designer with some writers and artists from the local scene which whom found the Hateful Graphic Vandals Collective (1995): so he start to work with Scarful id. Along with artists Joe, Nico, Pane and Stand is part of WHY STYLE CREW that partecipate at events and expos since 2003.

Cento Canesio, Venetian artist born 1974.
Since ’89 he’s involved in skateboarding, wirting and music scenes.
He can claim collabs with Lobster, Vans, Strange skateboards and bastard.

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