ELZO’s Exhibition – European Tour

Known for his work on the Yama Mental Weirdo Asylum deck series and for his current RUGGED cover story, Belgian artist Elzo Durt tours Europe with his own exhibtion called AMEN!

Known for his morbid, futuristic and almost apocalyptic designs, Elzo Durt created an exhibition named AMEN to tour with throughout Europe and to present his unique artworks. The tour comes exclusively to six selected Carhartt Stores having Elzo Durt on-site as well.

In addition to Elzo Durt´s exhibition tour, ELZO and Carhartt offer a special box that is restricted to 60 pieces, including a numbered screen print printed by Elzo himself and a limited T-Shirt with the same print on it.

Elzo’s Exhibition at Carhartt Store Hossegor

Elzo’s Exhibition at Carhartt Store Hossegor

Tour dates at Carhartt Stores
05.09.2009 – 01.10.2009 Frankfurt, Germany
12.09.2009 – 08.10.2009 St Honorè, Paris, France
10.10.2009 – 05.11.2009 Earlham Street, London, UK
24.10.2009 – 12.11.2009 Lisbon, Portugal
14.11.2009 – 10.12.2009 Amsterdam, Netherlands
21.11.2009 – 10.12.2009 Marseille, France

First night at each individual stop comes along with an opening party, music, drinks, and most important: Elzo himself at the spot!

About ELZO (by Sören Siebel)
Elzo Durt is not a musician but he still is a genius at sampling. Digging in the crates of ages past, present and future he creates visuals as powerful as AC/DC’s amplifiers. Better to get some earplugs… hum… protection goggles.

Somehow Elzo Durt is closer to being a DJ than every so-called VJ has ever been. The way he jockeys between pictures, graphics, visuals, and styles is as fascinating as watching a Kid Koala set. Elzo samples pictures, slows them down, speeds them up, cuts a little bit here, lights up a little bit there, and puts them into their very own environment, a mixture of pop art, surrealism, digitalism, comic styles and the psychedelic art of the 60’s and 70’s – a mixture that achieves more than just connecting times and ages.

Music has always played a big part in Elzo Durt’s life. Born in 1980 he caught the bug for punk and rock’n’roll music from his father. Well, and then there’s also the world of art. The connection of music and visuals has grown into a passion that culminated into something that is both profession and life-task. But it’s not only the musical connections of Elzo’s illustrations that make his work interesting and appealing.

It’s his wanderings between worlds and times. Through his characters and their grotesque surroundings, he examines the relationship between life and death. It often seems that Elzo links different times and ages. He puts them in reference to each other and thus makes them slide straight into a view of the future – a view that is sometimes clear and sometimes blurry.


More: www.elzo.be