Endeavor snowboards 2011

I always loved the fine and peculiar approach Max Jenke and Co. followed with their board company, Endeavor.

At the beginning it seemed another project with no future, but then things started to get more concrete and the brand got recognition through its artsy-fashion perspective and deep inspirational media to push the concepts that move the company.

So here it is the new Endeavor website and below the new WE ARE Endeavor Commercial, Randy Ross comment included.


The emotions that are evoked when you see images of people climbing snowy mountainsides is un-explainable. It is crazy how ones hairs stands up on your arms when you see a person standing on top a white desolate cliff ready to drop in and ride for their life. It is a very spiritual moment when you are physically alone on a mountain yet you feel whole.

This feeling is what I set out to capture in this short film for Endeavor Snowboards. I lived the Endeavor Snowboards life for 3 months whilst filming and it was an incredible experience, that I hope you one day will be able to live.

Endeavor Snowboards rider Jody Wachniak was inspiring, a real gentleman and amazing snowboarder.
It was shot on location in Whistler / Grouse Mt. / Squamish. Chayse Irvin chayseirvin.com was the DP with support camera work from Selim Matte selimmete.com and myself.

Love this shit!

Randy Ross for Endeavor Snowboard Design