Enduro Escape at Carosello 3000

The Mountain Park of Livigno (Italy) keeps developing its mtb trail-net. Now it’s time for an irregular and rocky trail dedicated to the free souls.

The new MTB trail is called Enduro. It’s a rocky trail which name expresses its very essence. The trail includes some steep parts and technical sections, and a sequence of stone steps. Once again, bikers will not lack stunning scenery: the trail follows a mountain ridge offering a vertical view right on the village of Livigno.

Enduro is recommended for expert bikers riding full-suspension all-mountain and, of course, enduro bikes. The trail is rather different from the others previously built, but how the mtb-trails manager Alberto Clement states, it represents something that was already inside the DNA of this mountain:
“Even before we started with our trail project, many bikers came up to this mountain to tackle some existing natural tracks and alpine ridges in freeride. With this trail, we have done nothing but continue and reinforce the essence that has already existed in the Mountain Park Carosello 3000. Naming this trail Enduro, just came so naturally”.

The trail is 1.6 km long, with 248 meters vertical and 15.5% of average slope. To get to the start of Enduro, bikers need to ride along the scenic flow-trail Coast to Coast, while the end of the trail joins the last section of the H-Dream (Hutr).

Enduro is just one of the news of this summer, along with the launch of Tutti Frutti Epic, a 45 km long tour designed with the mtb legend and “hall of famer” Hans Rey. A successful initiative that throughout the reviews of major international magazine, is showing around the world the beauty of the bike-resort of Livigno.

Within the next month, after completing a full check of the existing trail-net, the Carosello 3000’s trails builders will start already with the building of an another trail, that will be inauguarete the next summer.

All the info at www.carosello3000.com