Eurobike. Aestethic syncope or cyclecentric subjects?

We were talking about going over the exchange of infos between eyes and brain, used to store millions of cycle combinations. For us, analyzing the mountain bike from the 90s is a natural impulse, the one our workers use to come back from work.

Such as stooping to admire the chromium-plated connectors of the woman’s bike chained to the pole. And what about the retired with their bikes meetings on Sunday morning, getting on their steel-very-special coming from the 80s, unaware of wearing the Z tee of Lemond?
If you prefer being critics, we can state your aestethic syncope for the “bicycle” object. On the other side, if you prefer being optimistic, defining you cyclecentric subjects is enough.
This useless preamble prepares you readers to taste what lit Orme up during the lively Eurobike marathon. Just a few objects that may have passed unobserved, but that we want to show or remind you.



Here is finally the suitable accessory for hanging the bike in the living room. Pure design. We are struck dumb, its simple beauty is amazing. Just hang up your beloved ( bike! ), she’ll be proud of it.



If the masses adore carbon, we always go in the opposite direction. That’s why our eyes fell for these steel frames. Track, street and mountain bike. Carefully made, inner cable holes, unusual look blending a bit of tradition to a new point of view. Browse their web-site, maybe we’ll hear their name more often in the future.

EMPIRE cycles


We were among the few lucky ones to have set our eyes on one of the first prototypes of this english dh bike during the international Sanremo meeting of last year. We found it again in Germany, letting our curious look fall on it again. Different.

Charming and carefully chased in any detail. Peep at their web-site. They tell about a frame able to better cushion the stresses, thanks to the experience coming from motorbikes.

VANMOOF bicycles.


Redesign of one of the iconic backbones of Dutch culture. The on-line project is so presented. Simple, beautiful and functional. It’s amazing how Vanmoof gives the chance to take into anyone’s garage an excellent designed bike for a popular price. Shall we talk about social function-design on an object considered the first mass-mobility instrument?

Ok, let’s leave our romantic optimism where it is. You, enjoy a rocking bicycle.
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VIVA bikes


Hard, amazing, Juliett, Mille Miglia. What’s clear looking at this every-day bike is the inspiration coming from Italy and their work of style. If the concept basis consists in having a bike for all, for sure getting such a high research and details quality has not been so easy.

Double tube on the horizontal, cable-tightened oblique pipe, pedals and carter designed with over-elaborate decorations. So much taste for so many different tastes. Any self-respecting ride deserves a Viva bike.

Gilles Berthoud


If you love classic-taste cycling, this web-site is among your favorite. If you don’t, well, here you can find elegant carriers for all tastes, leather travel bags created by craftsmen and any sort of prestigious accessories. During the show we witnessed the leather seat granting the Eurobike prize to its Company.