evergreen X 13sedicesimi

United by the same passion for all things hand made, attention to detail and the use of natural materials, 13sedicesimi and evergreen design house have decided to work together to create a series of three exclusive notebooks.


The three designs have been completely created by hand by the people at evergreen and are inspired by their love for the great outdoors and the mountains, it was natural that for the collaboration they would have chosen 13sedicesimi’s covers in natural wood and recycled cardboard, that reflect their ideologies and fit perfectly with their designs.


13sedicesimi then transferred these designs to their covers in natural wood, ash, rosewood and recycled cardboard, binding them all one by-one-by hand to create a really unique product.


13sedicesimi’s notebooks are known for their simple but functional design, the use natural and exclusive materials and unique details like the wire binding on the spine of the notebooks, that allow the user to open any page in a perfectly flat manor, meaning that all of the 208 pages are fully practical both on the left and the right pages.

More about the notebook: www.13sedicesimi.com/collections/artworks-artworks

This is the claim of the collaboration project, that summarizes the way of thinking and the way of working of 13sedicesimi and evergreen design house.

[vimeo width=”460″ height=”200″]https://vimeo.com/113951470[/vimeo]

More info on http://13sedicesimi.com and http://evergreendesignhouse.com