Evoc: The Zip-On Abs Drift and The Base Unit

EVOC’s sophisticated backpack top attachment system ZIP-ON ABS for the ABS® VARIO-LINE BASE UNIT combines our experience in the developement of backpacks and the industry’s number one avalanche airbag system. We will be continuing this successful cooperation in 2016 as well.

New to the collection is the minimalist ZIP ON ABS DRIFT.
Our ZIP-ONs are true eye-catchers, which is why we would like to use them for more than just ski touring. In 2016, we are therefore launching the BASE UNIT, a backpack carrying system that’s compatible with all EVOC ZIP-ONs.


40, 30, 20, well, and now 10 litres. Our backpack attachment ZIP ON ABS DRIFT integrates seamlessly into the collection. It is designed and developed for minimalists or for off-piste riding in resorts. The idea behind the attachment is as simple as it is brilliant: You can fix the top attachments for the ABS® Vario-Line base unit to the TÜV-certified carrying system via a zip. Featuring 10 litres of capacity, this guardian angel offers enough space for the minimum in equipment. As usual, it also impresses with all the clever EVOC features that nobody would want to be without in the backcountry. First of all, there is the successful 2-step zip system, which allows you to open the main compartment like a top loader, for systematic packing, or via the entire length of the backpack. A special compartment with emergency drainage accommodates hydration systems of up to 3 litres. And small, well-thought out pockets for your goggles and smartphone are just as convenient. In addition, multifunctional stow-away attachment loops fix anything that freeriders may need for their adventures. Shovel, probe etc. go into a special, easy-to-access compartment on the front. Essential: An imprinted emergency explains the first steps to be taken in case of an avalanche, and serves as a cheat sheet in the event of an emergency.


Capacity: 10 l
Dimensions: 27 x 56 x 7 cm
Weight: 450 g
Colours: Yellow/Sulphur/Slate and Black
Price: 80.00 €

The BASE UNIT’s NEUTRALITE CARRYING SYSTEM guarantees an almost neutral load distribution, while providing superior carrying comfort. A stabilising brace transfers the weight onto a wide, thickly padded hip belt, and consequently to the body’s centre of gravity, via segmented strategically positioned padding. Made of special AIRO FLEX material, the hip belt is extremely sturdy and flexible while offering maximum ventilation. Signature compression belts in vibrant red are an eye-catcher and guarantee that the load remains as close to the back as possible. Wide, ergonomically shaped, well-padded shoulder straps and the chest belt with integrated signal whistle keep the backpack in position. The AIR CIRCULATION SYSTEM ensures perfect air circulation in the entire back area. At the same time it prevents the sensitive kidneys from cooling down too much.


Dimensions: 33 x 56 x 2 cm
Weight: 800 g
Colors: Black
Price: 120,-