Experience Enhancer Device Contest

The year is 1994; The 55DSL spaceship has just landed on earth. Everyone around you is doing “cool” but not you: you are hot!

15 fuckin years later 55DSL still rules the closets of the coolest amongst you. You post an old picture of you in the 1994 on the 55DSL Wall of Shame and all of a sudden reality hits you. You were about as hot as the Titanic iceberg!

A perm and padded shoulders? Zits and zip up playsuits? Baggy tees and braces?
What were you Thinking?


You put your arms together and pray the next thing to hit you will be a wicked pair of 55DSL x Adidas Originals Exclusive kicks. Or perhaps a special collab goodie might crash in your universe. Or maybe you’ll go down in a titanic Xmas blaze of glory with a 15 mega prize jackpot mayhem!


Thank God for the 1994. Praise the Lord for non digital cameras. All hail the 55DSL Wall of Shame.
Enter the contest today, upload your photo from the 1994 and have your life enhanced once and for all!