Exploration Of The Soul – Craig R. Stecyk III

Since everything has a beginning. Since skateboarding had once taken possession of the street, as it did in Southern California. A man was there, documenting every gesture of those first agitators, The Zephyr Boys. Craig Stecyk has become an icon. Artist, photographer, agitator, eccentric soul, a character with a unique state of mind.


Desillusion Magazine’s editor in chief, Sebastien Zanella, presents a trip through Los Angeles and the skate roots embodied by Craig Stecyk in an atmospheric, black and white documentary.


Exploration of the soul – Craig R. Stecyk III
A film by Sebastien Zanella

This short film is based on the article “While Nervous” published in Desillusion Magazine 49, Volume 1 , Available here: http://store.dslmag.com