Express Yourself Every Day

The “Express Yourself Every Day” competition supporting the new Philips campaign for the man body care is dedicated to the personal expressiveness, aiming to move every man to break the daily routine and express himself starting from the look.
In December 2011 five italian guys ready to break their rules became protagonists of the competition. Now, through their expressiveness, they are ready to present theis creative projects, ideas they’ve always dreamed to come true.

Who will be the italian icon of Express Yourself Every Day?

Go to to read their profile, view their projects and vote the one you like, giving him the chance to turn his project into reality being constantly under the eye of the cameras.

Who are the protagonists?

 Davide Caforio – In his everyday’s life he designs and creates fornitures by using industrial raw materials, but his real passion are the motorbikes he assembles with his hands. His project “Heavy Guitars” combines rock music with handcraft through colours and noise by two distinct but at the same time binded video installations.


 Michelangelo Mongiello – Shunter during the day, vynils collector and promoter at night, Michelangelo spends his time working hard and with his music, his neverending passion. His project “Back on the streets” is born from his underground music background and consists in a two-days of music, two mini-documentaries, a texts presentation and a Northern Soul dance workshop.


 Federico Maria Tribbioli – Professional photographer and videomaker, Federico expresses himself by modelling urban spaces with stickers, posters and huge-sized street art. With his collective he revisits B-movies posters from the 60’s on by choosing, re-interpreting and showing them around in Rome.


 Francesco Saccomandi – Marketing director from Monday to Friday, during the weekend Francesco becomes a pastry chef. In his blog he reveals tricks and secrets for perfect cakes. Through his project he wants to offer an educative experience to the younger by coming in the italian schools leaving from the local markets to bake sweet and light cupcakes that can replace the boring snacks.


 Brandon Ricci – Brandon lives between Torino and Hong Kong, his time shared between producing beauty products and his passion for the eco-sustainable design. Brandon chooses to project an energy-saving lamp controlled by position- and heat-detectors and to present it in the most suitable and explicatory set-up.


Just the most voted among them will grab the real chance to bring his projects to life on 16th March, the last day of Philips competition.

The voters, the prize – every voter can take part to the draw of incredible prizes., leaving from a series of Philips products for the man body care to a super final prize: a tour to California valid for two people and including exclusive VIP passes for the Coachella Festival 2012 (

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