A friend asked me if I could review a press release by the fashion brand he’s distributing. At the final part of this issue the author writes how the brand deeply considers the underground trends, like that of fixed gear bikes.

In a word, fixies are definitely “cool”. And it makes me smile, our (mine for sure) psychosomatic need of being different from the rest of the world. We are all looking for a trend. Looking for a religion.

The underground movements are paradoxes, almost always anticipating a phenomenon bound to grow bigger. The first pioneers choosing a certain style are called early adopters ( or maven, in the Internet ), forerunners against their will. They are trendy before the trend begins to exist.

As a consequence, they are ultra fashionable, ‘cause they create fashion (so-called trend setters). All the others? They are trend followers. Isn’t it insane?
Someone gets the fixie to feel part of an alternative culture to the mainstream (and NOT alternative at all), and what happens?

The brands sniff the energy spreading out the phenomenon and wave it like their flag. They create a saleable model of an object indeed created by a small group of  fans. In the end? Nothing is alternative anymore, what’s really trendy is giving a fuck of trends. Got the message?

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