Fatbiking on Snow

The second edition of Europe’s only Snow Bike Festival is taking place in sport’s new hotspot in Gstaad, Switzerland. From January 22 – 24, 2016 the idyllic town will be filled with bike fans and riders who celebrate the Snow Bike Festival over three days. Every day a different race, each of them holds its very own character with race tracks all over primed, snow-capped trails and ski slopes.


The Snow Bike Festival 2016 promises a lot of fun and action.

[vimeo width=”460″ height=”305″]https://vimeo.com/137126443[/vimeo]

So, what are Snow Bikes? Originally they are known as Fat Bikes. They were invented as bikes, which simplify riding on snow or on sand. This is ensured due to the oversized, or you might say “fat” tires, where the name comes full circle.



The placid town of Gstaad appears to be the optimal location to host the next Snow Bike Festival. Located in the heart if the Swiss Alps the village unites traditional and modern spirits and also guarantees snow. All participants and spectators can look forward to a very beautiful panorama of the mountains, which you’ll only see on postcards otherwise.


More on: www.snowbikefestival.com