Fiat Freestyle Team Picture Awards lands in Modena

Three teams of hi profile International snowboarders, followed by a photographer and a filmer, freezing the best moments of a trip from north to south Italy: a special travelling shooting of the FIAT Freestyle Team Pictures Awards, made with the help of Facciosnao, Sequence, Baco Magazine and FIAT Freestyle Team.

At skipass you will enjoy the experience through the eyes of Denis Piccolo in his 30 precious images; after the Skipass stop, the Picture Awards tour will continue with stops at the best core shops of Italy.

Below the riders of FIAT Freestyle Team Pictures Awards:

Crew 1
Photo: Roberto Bragotto
Rider 1: Filippo Kratter
Rider 2: Stefano Munari
Rider 3: Tania De Tomas

Crew 2
Photo: Lorenzo Belfront
Rider 1: Lorenzo Buzzoni
Rider 2: Marco Donzelli
Rider 3: Daniel Plazy Neuchelidl

Crew RoadWarriors
Photo: Lorenz Holder
Rider 1: Marco Smolla
Rider 2: Xaver Hoffmann / Tobi Strauss
Rider 3: Anton Bilare

Wild Card: Marco Grigis

Official Filmer: Arturo Bernardi
Official photographer: Denis Piccolo