Fiat Nine Knights Mtb

The fabled FIAT Nine Knights send out the call to join them from Sept. 1-7 in Livigno, at Mottolino Fun Mountain for the 2013 edition of the event. The ‘Wanna be a Knight’ video contest is now open and offers everybody the chance to enter this year’s FIAT Nine Knights event.


For Andi Wittmann, nothing can compare to the thrill that comes from freeride mountainbiking. As Germany’s premier freeride MTB athlete and one of the sports true talents, his passion and experience at the highest levels of competition are testimony to a life spent doing what he loves and from September 1st to 7th in Livigno in Italy, Andi will play host to the world’s freeride elite at the FIAT Nine Knights event on the famed Mottolino Fun Mountain – one of Europe’s premier freeride resorts.


Born from an idea that combines an exclusive feature and trail set-up with the best athletes and media professionals, the FIAT Nine Knights aims to deliver to fans of freeriding the perfect opportunity to showcase exactly what the sport is all about. For Andi and the gathered company of invited riders, including Martin Söderstöm, Kurt Sorge, Andreu Lacondeguy, Yannick Granieri and Graham Agassiz, the challenge of taking on one of the world’s most unique event set-ups is an occasion not to be missed.


Andi says: “We wanted to create something special. We wanted to bring all our experiences together so that the focus would be on the riders getting the best out of themselves in a stress-free and fun environment, not hampered by strict time constraints or scheduling pressure. I think that in Livigno the set-up we have this year is absolutely mind-blowing and I can’t wait for everyone to come and see what we can do.”


The ‘set-up’ is centred on the Nine Knights castle – ‘Il Castello’. A medieval tower with huge drops, 15-metre jumps over 3-metre high superkickers and various innovative bike obstacles in a design that draws heavily on the knowledge and experience of the athletes themselves.


‘Il Castello’ stands comfortably amongst the finest features in freeriding in the way it combines the best chances for trick innovation with athlete safety and maximum fun factor.

The FIAT Nine Knights 2013 is the realisation of a dream based on a passion for freeride MTB and the seamless interaction between the riders, media, resort and fans. With these qualities in mind we want to throw down the gauntlet and invite all willing riders out there to our ‘Wanna be a Knight?’ online video contest. To win a spot at the distinguished table of invited Knights send in a video showing your best tricks until August 14th – convince the judges – and suit up for Livigno!


All Wannabe Infos:

Joining the riders are some of the top sports photographers and filmers around. Stef Cande, Daniel Ronnback, Alessandro Belluscio and Markus Greber are the group of creative geniuses whose job it is to deliver to the fans the best of the action.


This year the KILLER LOOP Photo Contest is providing a wildcard invitation to any talented people who live and breathe photography and freeride MTB. If you want to win a trip Livigno and have a look over the shoulders of the invited photographers and of course stand behind the lens yourself, send in your best freeride shots and snap up one of the exclusive spots. Contest details at: